Is It Just Me, Or Is Academic Research Fragmented?

I’ve been trying to read papers for awhile in a few places in computer science, and I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to understand the “big picture” in research is sort of a mess.

I don’t have any evidence, but it’s just a feeling.

In my network science class, I came across a piece of evidence. Barabasi, a well-known researcher in network science, in his personal introduction to his textbook Network Science, explicitly says that “I still find puzzling how disjoint were the communities that were thinking about networks before 1999.”

I keep asking my friends: “Isn’t there some lovely visualization or navigation tool that can help me understand research in general?” Besides some of the other research tools, I can’t find a great answer with great consensus. So it appears that the practice of research aggregation lacks centralization of methodology — there’s no norm for how to do it…


Do we just need to figure out a norm or create a tool to help us do this? My shades are tinted right now, but I bet graph theory could be a great start for a foundation of what papers are important… Hm…


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